Our Team

“I believe in connection and relationships. Therefore, I share my skin care journey with purpose; to empower women and uncover the true beauty of wholesomeness.

Jazz Turgeon

Jazz Turgeon brings ELEGANCE, POISE, SERENITY, and EXPERIENCE to the JB Skin Guru team.

Beyond her role as Director, Customer Experience and ally to Jennifer Brodeur, the company’s Founder & CEO, her mission is to empower women and guide them into feeling like the best version of themselves.

Passionate about wellness, she has dedicated the last 13 years of her career to skin care. Her notable journey extends beyond the surface of the esthetic industry, to the real sources of organic beauty: true health and well-being in BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.

A visionary, Jazz sees the uniqueness and beauty in each project, team, and woman. She passionately believes in building a powerful community that will collectively become a strong voice in elevating beauty standards for women worldwide.

Her personal touch and knowledge resonate deeply and are the essence of her wise counsel and teachings. Jazz’s special attention to detail, passion, and efficiency are irreplaceable. According to JB Skin Guru’s partners and clientèle, Jazz is a precious collaborator and a true gem.

In addition to her exceptional work with customers, Jazz has also functioned as director and administrator of the French Oncology Esthetics program for JB Skin Guru, a program designed to help clients with cancer. Prior to joining JB Skin Guru five years ago, Jazz worked as a certified esthetician and studied business marketing.

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